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Dwayne Johnson Joining Batman vs. Superman?

There have been lots of rumors surrounding the much-anticipated Batman vs. Superman movie. There have also been lots of Rumors surrounding the future of DC. One rumor in particular that has been going on for years is that Dwayne Johnson is attached to a DC project to play in. One of the rumors was that he was going to play Black Adam in the Shazam movie that was then discarded and was also rumored to play Lobo.


Well, the Rumor is over because Dwayne Johnson will be in an upcoming DC movie, he confirmed it yesterday on his Twitter and this is what he had to say:

Dwayne Johnson

So does this mean he will star in the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie or will he be in an unknown DC movie? My guess is that he will be in the Upcoming Batman vs Superman movie. But, what character could he play? Lex Luthor? Bizzaro Superman? Doomsday? I would love to see him play Cyborg or Martian Manhunter. I think they are going to want him to play a superhero because of his star power which would bring in a bigger crowd, he is known as the Franchise Viagra to movies. But, this could have nothing to do with Batman vs Superman and I’m just talkin up a storm.

What do you guys think? Would he be a great addition for Batman vs Superman? Share your thoughts and Comment Below! 


Can you smell what Lex Luthor is cooking?



3 thoughts on “Dwayne Johnson Joining Batman vs. Superman?

  1. I heard about this yesterday. Sounds awesome, at one time Rock was linked to playing Black Adam in a Shazam movie and Lobo.

    Posted by prontron | January 1, 2014, 3:45 pm
  2. I think it would grab a bunch of girls attention since a lot of girls go crazy over him.

    Posted by thatgirlsbookreviews | January 2, 2014, 5:55 pm

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